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Lab Overview

The Li Lab aims to bridge basic studies of kidney organogenesis and translational applications of stem/progenitor cell-based kidney regeneration and disease modeling, with the long-term goal of rebuilding the kidney. We achieve this by combining state-of-the-art stem cell technologies and engineering methodologies.

Incorporation of expandable NPCs into a developing mouse kidney in vivo. (Image by the Li Lab)
Formation of a segmented nephron structure from expandable NPCs in a chicken embryo. (Image by the Li Lab)
Formation of vascularized glomeruli upon transplantation of expandable NPCs in vivo. (Image by the Li Lab)
Nephron organoid formation from expandable NPCs on an air-liquid interface. (Image by the Li Lab)
Gene-edited human iPSC line with a SIX2-EGFP knock-in loci. (Image by the Li Lab)